TIME;Is it Running Out?

Tomorrow morning I have to have a CT scan to look for a brain tumor.I am very worried about getting the results for this test.

Lately,I have acquired headaches.I guess headaches are pretty common,but I have never really had a problem with them myself.

My waves of nausea,which I have had for four years,are turning into vomiting.I have also been having uncontrolled spasms in my hands and feet.

Three of my oncologists have agreed that the symptoms call for a further review,hence the scan of the brain.

I have read that Brain Cancer is common as a secondary cancer to lung cancer.I suppose it is because they are close to each other.

I have also read that Brain Cancer kills you fast.

One has so many problems dealing with dying physically,and to have the responsibility of putting everything in order so quickly before you die,just throws me.

My God,I have been dealing with dying for 7 years now,and I have complained.I am alive now and I have had that time,so my heart goes out to those that were not given that time.

I do not want to know that I will die tomorrow.I have so many things I still want to do.

I met a lady three years ago that was diagnosed with three to five tumors in her brain.She was alive for three years.She had chemotherapy,and radiation treatments,but she had some time.I have heard that the prognosis on Brain Cancer is not very good.I am so afraid that the test will be positive and they will tell me I only have a couple of months.

I know I shouldn't think that nor should I worry til I know,but I can not help it.

Over the years of writing this blog,my research has been plentiful.I am aware of the spread of secondary cancers.I have tests on all other parts of my body to check for further spread.I have been blessed,all results have been negative.This one really worries me though,as the headaches are pretty bad now and are lasting longer.

I have another mountain to face,but I will get over it too.

Thank You all for your comments and support.You are a blessing!

Til next time Take Care and Remember




Daria said…
I'm a bit behind reading blogs.

I wish you all the best with your CT scan ... sending you strength and courage.
Please stay positive and imagine the best. I will be praying and envisioning the disappearance of whatever is trying to set up camp in your body and know that my spirit is with you.

I don't know you, but I will definitley stay abreast of your blog.

TopBlueBirdKat said…
I have an out of body man living (possessing) with me, who needs to be in Heaven. I tell you this in the hope that you realise that there is life after life, a Heaven to go to, and that God exists (after all, the sky we see did NOT design itself, and the Universe is beautifully designed).

The man living with me has become 'stuck' on Earth, because he is too worried and anxious to move himself. He too needs help.

My name is Josephine, and I live in Tollesbury, Essex, England.

I wish you all the best in your life - here and the hereafter when (inevitably) it will happen, as it does to us all. I hope to meet you there someday, with love,

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