Lung Cancer seems to be rising. I have had this blog for over a year and the requests for information increases everyday.
I also notice that there are more blogs and a lot more information in the media with regard to "lung Cancer'.
Cancer destroys many people ,not just the one it inflicts.
I read letters from mothers,daughters, sons and grandparents and all the loved ones.I find that the worry they have over the other person really speaks what this disease is all about.It involves everyone.
It sure gets tough "Dealing with Dying"
I always loved challenges,but I never thought I would get through this one.
"I learn a little more everyday,to know what I have to, tomorrow"
They say to"live for the day".
I do try to enjoy every minute,but I am just too busy to stop and think if I am.
I am not always in pain,and then life seems normal.
Nights are a time of solitude for my self.It is then the reality of time sets in and frightens me.
I have an agenda,I plan to keep all the appointments I have made for myself!
That is so important.
I am NOT waiting for God!
I want to dwell on the time I have Now and not the time I Wont have later.
I feel well enough now to do the things I have wanted to do.I will admit though that at my age I didn't think I would be thinking of a lot of the things I have to think about now.
I have always wanted to go to "las Vegas".Those plans have changed.I want a recliner now instead.L.O.L
There is a more realistic plan to have to make for ones self after the disease is diagnosed as terminal.
When the doctor told me I had "lung cancer",I went into shock.I did not know anyone else was around me...The world and me stood still.
I came home ,and I started to write in my journal.I didn't want to keep talking about it to my husband,and I sure did not want to burden my kids.
I did need to talk to someone though.
I started this blog.I was new to the computer,but you never would have known.
My hands were flying on the keys and the words just kept coming out.
My point is to find a means to be able to get your feelings out!I find a good scream once in awhile doesn't hurt either.
There is a lot of information on physical facts for this cancer.There are many blogs with personal insight as well.
We are all going to Die,that is a fact.
We all can live a full life,even if it is shortened by disease.
Take Care of yourself,and the rest will fall into place.
I still count my blessings every night.I know there re others in far worse circumstances than myself.
I pray for them.
Til next time......




Sue said…
Diet is an important measure in preventing the cancer.People who consume more apples are 58 percent less likely to develop cancer than those who do not eat apples at all.

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