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Mine is;To Do or Die

Hello Everyone.
I am now starting to accept all the trials I have in front of me.I suppose the not dealing with everything finally has caught up to me.
I found out ,after waiting in fear for four months,that the MRA test I am having on May 25th is Not the operation on the kidneys.I was under the assumption that they were going to put a stent in my renal artery that day.It turns out this is the test to focus on the renal area and determine whether or not to operate.The previous test revealed renal stenosis,enlarged bile duct,and the damaged liver.When they finally make the diagnosis,it will be the time to run and hide or face it.
If I run ,I face kidney failure,or at least having to go on a dialysis machine for the rest of my life.If I have the stent put in the renal artery,I risk complications of infection,that could be fatal.I suppose I am dead if I do and dead if I don't.What a decision,that really is up to me.I hope my doctors will choose the right way,but it is going to ultimat…

Lungs in Limbo

Oncologist for my lungs was seen last week.The lung cancer has shown up again on the chest x-ray.That fear I have had every 4-6 months has come true.The situation now is to have further tests ,as he doesn't trust just the chest one.He wants a CT scan,which will distinguish the difference of a tumor or no tumor.He thinks that the emphysema is very bad and that I have a scar from recent pneumonia,so there is still some hope on that.On either of those possibilities it is hard for me to know which one I Hope it is.I have been definitely left in limbo.
My breathing seems to be getting worse now.I try to blame it on old age,but I am not that hold.I already have to face the fact that I smoked for 40+ years and caused most of this.Lungs are sure important,and I guess we take them for granted some time.I can't repair my lungs,but I still might be able to save my life.My doctor will probably preform another "lobectomy",a removal of the lobe of the lung.He has warned me …