Doctors appointment went well.Thank you all for your blessings and concerns.
Special Thanks to Karen at .
It is a great site with a lot of personal looks on lung diseases.
My cancer still remains at Stage1.Next appoitnment in September,so I can exhale for awhile now.
I did it again.I made promises to myself as I sat in the doctors waiting room,waiting for the x-ray.Now I think I will make a promise never to make a promise.
Second chances are a blessing.Nine chances are a miracle.
I have written about all the bullets I have dodged,in my last posts.I will recap.
1.1996-I was schedules for breast surgery.An angel came in the form of the doctor.She decided she would take a look for herself and discovered that there were six cysts causing the lump and she aspirated them.I walked out an hour later,in tact.
2.1999.I woke up one morning and thought I had had a stroke.I went to the emergency and they diagnosed"Bells Palsy'.It is a very crippling disease.I was given steroids for 2 months and have thankfully recovered quite nicely.There is a slight facial scar,but nothing I can not live with.
3.2002-I had a "grand Mal" seizure.The last thing I heard in the emergency room was"code Blue'.
I came about all right,I had just bitten a small piece of my tongue off,but I again was alive.
4.2002.Recovering from my seizure,it was diagnosed that my liver was failing.I was released to see a specialist and to perferrably check myself in to AA.
5.2002-Diagnosis,"Cirrohsis".He gave me three months to live.He said "You are on the cutting edge of the cutting edge".He was referring to liver surgery.I was told I would be given a liver transplant,if I remained from drinking alcohol for 2 years.At the time,I figured ,well I am not stopping drinking.
I quit drinking two weeks later and have remained alcohol free for 4 years.My liver tests have been average lately and it is no longer a priority.
6.2005-My E.K.G showed I had had a heart attack.I was sent to a heart doctor.I was told I had pneumonia,and another spot on my lung.
I was given heart tests and nothing else surfaced.I would not find out about the other spot til next year.
7.2006-January brought me the "lung Cancer" diagnosis.My odds were 20% that I would NOT make the operation.I did!.
8.2006-a suspicious lump was found on my breast.A biopsy was immediatley done and the mass was not Malignant.
9.2007-I have emphysema,but I am also not having to do chemo,and I have no oxygen tanks,as of yet.
So you see....Miracles do happen!

I hope I am not a cat or else my lives would be running out!
I will say though,that possitive feelings are NOT enough.I believe in Believing,but I believe in facing hard cold facts on the physical aspects,as well.
I know now that I have to eat right and not smoke or drink.These are all very real changes I have had to make.I am here today because of that,as well.

I am so Thankful.




kwrenb said…
Good News, Good News, Good News!!!
I checked back over the first weekend after your appointment, didn't see a post and got scared.
Then all hell broke loose around me, and I haven't checked back until now.
This is Wonderful, Wonderful News!
God Bless You and please keep in touch.

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