The pain is back.This is happening too fast now.
I just wrote a post on here a couple of days ago and all seemed to be well.
I have been feeling very tired lately,and more short of breath than usual.
I thought that I was just getting down because of the long winter.
The pain seems to radiate through all my back.There is no cough,so I do not suspect pneumonia.
I am scared.
I heard that Lung Cancer was a very painful end.I do not know how strong I can be through this uncomfortable time.
I am starting to see the other side of this cancer.
I started having back aches four years ago.I thought that perhaps it was the sitting at the computer.I got a new bed,thinking it was the mattress.
The doctors gave me all sorts of muscle relaxants,pain killers and even physio therapy.
I went continuously to my doctor almost raging with trying to explain the pain.
I also suffered waves of nausea over this time as well.It was and still is not unusual for me to have the waves several times a day.
I think that after my lung cancer diagnosis all of the mentioned symptoms seemed to add up.
I have mentioned before that I have tried to educate myself on the internet,as best as I could ,with regard to emphysema,lung cancer,and cirrhosis of the liver.
I can tell you now,that knowing things does NOT make it any easier.
I have a loving and kind family around me,but you know what?This is something that we have to do on our own.
I am in limbo as to when I must seek medical help.
I am hoping that each day in the next week or so will bring some relief to my back and lungs.
I have both lung cancer and empysema,so it is hard to tell which one is really giving me the problem.
My xray showed No return of the cnacerous tissue around my lung.My chest seemed clear to the doctor a month ago.
I will wait this weekend ,and if I am still feeling like this I will head to the emerg.
I am sorry to whine ,but...
This lung thing sure hurts....
Til next time




Normand said…
I hope you are feeling much better
please do go to ER if needed don t
suffer for nothing, the hospital is full of meds they can give you for pain. Pain dosent necessarily mean you are getting worse either, may be just a temporary situation. Let us know what happens. Transform all your familys love into good vibes for you. (NH RN)
Normand said…
my husbands account, I m not Normand but I am an RN in NH
angelina said…
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