Sunday, June 27, 2010

FATAL DIAGNOSIS:Not Dealing with Dying.


Hello all.I have the test results back.

Not only am I dying,but I am dying soon.

I now have to ask myself the question.How do I feel about actually dying.

I'll tell you.

I am already dead in my mind.I cannot let it all sink in right now.I guess I just don"t want to accept it.

Yes ,Folks,my results from the kidney scan revealed that I have lost my right kidney and my left one is partially blocked.

My lung cancer is back with suspicious findings.My,Oh,My.

I have written before about how many times I have beat the odds on death.

I have also been truly blessed and have not been short of many miracles.

I have lived with emphysema,and have,so far,not had to use oxygen.I am a four and a half year survivor of lung cancer.I should have died in 2002,with cirrhosis of the liver.My liver regenerated,though I still have the disease.I should have been disfigured from "Bells Palsy",but only a minor facial affect.I have had a stroke and two heart attacks.I am here writing this now.

That was and is the past.The present holds for me the fact that my kidneys are failing.It is a matter of when,and mostly how.The doctors say that it will be a stoke or a heart attack most likely.

WOW!What a plateful I have now.

I am however known for my positive attitude on here and will try to remain so.

My name,Believe,is being put to the test.

I will try to keep a smile on my face,so....

Til next time remember




Daria said...

Thinking of you ...

Anonymous said...

You are amazingly strong. I applaud you!


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