Welcome everyone.I am guilty of not writing lately.We had our youngest son with us for the summer,so things got a bit crazy around here.We are used to our own space,so it set me back a bit.
To bring you up to date....They did the Brain scan on September 9th.I contacted my GPs receptionist,who said they found something abnormal,but they wanted me to take the contrast dye to be able to focus more on what they found.Well,Here I am almost a month later waiting for another CT scan.The report shows I have or have had an "Infarction" of the brain.Now folks,this means I have had a stroke.Well,I am the most surprised as I am sure I would have shown some residual affects from such.I am so worried now,because what if I am having a stroke,and their delay could cause me death or disability.I know our medical system is busy, but I would think they would give me another scan right away.I am taking baby aspirin for now,and praying that this isn't another year of worry.
If I have had a stroke,then I am truly blessed to have survived it.

Going off that subject.I had "Bells Palsy a few years back and was fortunate to have a minor problem.My left side of my mouth has a slight droop to it,but I know of worst cases.And,if that isn't that cats meow on the silent stroke thing,two months ago they told me I had a silent Heart attack.My God,I am such a loud person to have had all these silent things.I am sure that the ekg was right,and I am thankful I survived,but shouldn't I be on some medications to prevent a further occurrence.Doctors are just too busy to personalize each case I guess.
I hate all this waiting for the diagnosis.My specialists are doing tests all the time,but nothing is being done.
Maybe I shouldnt complain,but I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place right now.It is the Not knowing that kills me.
On a lighter note.I have been reading a lot of your blogs on cancer,and will surely hear from you in the future.
meanwhile,check out
This blog helps us all to realise we are not alone.

Til next time ,Remember




Sue said…
Thank God I found your blog! They just found one large mass and many tiny ones in my lungs. I will have the biopsy this week. I am reading from the beginning hoping it will help me deal with this. thanks so much for sharing..........

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