Happy Birthday to Me

I am so happy to be here for my 59th birthday on March 17th,St.Patrick's Day.
The lung cancer diagnosis,prior to my birthday in February 2006,was definitely not a time to expect even another one year.
Am I wiser?I think I have become more conscious of my life.I feel more control in my decisions.My priorities have changed.I now look before I leap.Yes,I think I am wiser.
I am also a Little more afraid.The reality of all of my problems sink in more everyday.
My latest diagnosis of possible renal failure and kidney disease has got me down a bit.
The lung cancer,emphysema,cirrhosis,heart attack and stroke and now this has kept me awake a few nights.
Sometimes I think that I will not worry til I have to.Sometimes I think I need to worry,or at least face some truths,so that I will be able to deal with all the consequences later.You really have to be realistic at this stage of the game also.
I still try to be positive.I know that doesn't change the way things are,but it gets me a better energy,and makes the days more pleasant.
At this moment,at this time,I am content and not in pain,for which I am thankful.
I will have my husband and sons with me on my day,and I will silently pray to God and Thank him for giving me four more years.

Til next time...Remember..




Anonymous said…
time to live, live ,live
Kelly said…
First off I want to wish you a Happy Birthday!I've always heard that things happen for a reason and must just be one of those reasons why I found your blog on your birthday of all days. I am an education major student in Tennessee and working on an assignment for technology where we are to find blogs and comment on a couple. At first I was not sure of a topic to search for but I soon realized that I needed to look for blogs on lung cancer. My mom was diagnosed last November and they told her she was already in stage four when they found it. Things have been hard but you take what you got and it only makes you stronger! Since I can not be by my moms side everyday because she's out of state I try to do what I can to help raise awareness and for research, we are actually walking in my towns Irish parade this weekend for the fight. Thank you for your post it has really touched me and I will always remember this day for your birthday now :)

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