Just Another Brick in the Wall.

Welcome.This blog is becoming like a horror story lately.Lung cancer,Heart Attacks,Emphysema,and a stroke were and are very terrifying.The last diagnosis of renal failure left me numb.They say I have lost one of my kidneys,and my other one is partially blocked off.That is all they say.I have not been given any medications or rules to follow.I am going through the same things as I was before they told me.I am dumbfounded at our system,that with all their resources,they can not find someone who will just tell me whats going on.I cant even get to see a doctor for three months.I live in Canada,and I thought we were doing well.I do have doctors,but our system is overloaded.
I am numb because every time I take a step forward,the doctors do another test and find out something else is wrong.Fine,Fine,Fine.I will have to deal with it.I do not know if I can anymore,but I am going to try.Believe me.
The doctors also told me that a stroke is evident at anytime.Wow!Try living with that one.Oh,and by the way it could also be a heart attack.Every time I try to fathom every thing out,I just try to turn my mind off.I did deal with the "Cirrhosis" of the liver.I have learned to live with the lung cancer and emphysema.I just don"t know if this anticipation of death all the time could be too healthy on the mind.
This is just another brick in the wall .I can only pray that I will start to take a brick away or so,until there is no wall.
I also found a great site for information on "Lung Cancer".You can visit there at
Thank You all for stopping by.
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