Changing Channels

The lifestyle changes that I must adhere by are not coming easy.
I have found my "niche" more or less in the last 50 years and those habits whether good or bad are very instilled in me.
Every minute of every hour I have been trying to change my thought patterns on "smoking"I am reading all sorts of articles on quitting and successes and tell myself many times a day how horrible cigarettes truly are, and how now I will have to change my whole day,every day for the rest of my life.
I can no longer wake up to that cup of coffee and that cigarette ,that I so much enjoyed for 40 years instead, my choice is orange juice and a few hours on here,which I enjoy very much.The good thing being that I can not type and hold a smoke at the same time.
I know I can do it though as others have before me.
A lot of other points in my life are changing as well,I really am starting to notice sunsets, hear the birds singing and all that good stuff we all tend to take for granted.All of this perhaps because,"Time is of the essence" now.
I have received news this last week that further tests are required for other parts of my body ,so it appears I am only at the beginning,once again on this cancer journey.

There are some good things that are coming with this ,and that is that it was a "Wake-Up" call for me.I do believe things happen for a reason and I am of optimistic nature.
I do hope sharing some of my trials and tribulations with you will help us both somehow.



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