LUNG CANCER:The New Year Begins

Here's TO...A Healthy Happy New Year.
Wishing all of you the best for the coming year.
I will see my doc on February 1st.This will be my last quarterly appointment.He said I will return every six months after that.
I am ,of course not sure if that will be true.I get an x-ray each time to see if and where the cancer has spread.Each time I sit in that waiting room is one of my biggest challenges.
My mind set wants to be positive,but I also must face facts.
I had the one lobe removed on my right lung.The procedure is called a"lobectomy".I am under the impression that if it spreads more into the lung,I could still have another lobe removed.
I also am aware that the cancer can and probably will,spread to any areas in that location,or prey upon some weak area in other places.
Those are the Bad things.
The good things are that I am still surviving this fight.
I have not won the battle yet though.
I play this game,one day at a time.I am more focused on How I feel now,today.
I am well today.I have more energy then I have had in the last year.
I began taking "Xango".It is a juice made with the "Mangosteen Fruit".My girlfriend sent some info to me ,and I thought I would give it a try.
I had a bad time with my circulation,due to lack of oxygen.I have been taking the juice for 2 months now and I actually have warmer hands.My feet still feel cold ,but I can at least feel them.
If this juice works,I will tell the world about it.
I am taking some inhalers, once in a while,but basically I am drug free.Thank God!
I feel like I have wasted so much precious time waiting to die,that this Year I promise to Live.
I will go back to learning some more about blogging,and will continue to educate myself about"Lung Cancer".
Hope you all had a nice "Holiday Season".and I look forward to hearing from you all in the New Year.




kwrenb said…
So good to hear from you first thing in the New Year!
A "promise to live"... Yes!
I think you've hit on the philosophy we all need to embrace, wringing every bit from every moment of every day that we have.
God bless us both with many, many days in the year ahead -
and beyond.
Optimist said…
I too have lung cancer and have started a blog; please visit.
I wish you all the very best

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