When I first started writing this blog two years ago,it was called"My First Breath".

Now I will tell you the reason for this title"Wasted Breath".

When I was first diagnosed with Lung Cancer,I think I went into a mental coma.The shock of the news lasted for 2 weeks until the operation on my lung was over.

I did see my life flash before me.

I did not just see it flash once but many times a day.

But Behold!The removal of the two inch cancerous tumor was removed successfully,with the removal of my right lobe of the lung.

I now needed new plans.

I knew then that I had died many times in my mind,so now I needed to live.Hence the title"my First Breath".

In the here and now though,I am starting to think that I Wasted that Breath.

At first,be ever so Thankful,I thought that I could give back.I was going to volunteer with a cancer facility,get exercise and basically change my ways.

I think now I might be suffering from a little bit of punishment for not doing so.

I am now starting to understand the saying"Make hay when the sun shines".

My breathing is shorter now,as the emphysema has worsened.I have become very tired lately due to lack of oxygen.So I am not able,in the same way to give back so much at this time.

I do hope that you wonderful people who have read and commented on my blog,don"t feel that I have "Wasted my Breath".

Pointing out now,that one day at a time is really where I am at right now.

This time I will just promise myself to enjoy Life More.

"Breathing should NEVER be taken for Granted.
There is a blog also that I find interesting ,a man that has had his whole lung removed.
check it out.




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