Catching my Breath

Thank You all for your comments and concerns.
I did go to the emergency and my lungs were clear and I showed no respiratory problems,although I couldn't breathe.They gave me an expectorant but said"Get a chest xray as soon as possible,as I think the Cancer has returned.
Well,That did not make me feel any better.
I have a chest xray with the surgeon on may 30th.I will wait til then.
The pain in the back is on going,but now my doc says it is the Fibromalgia.

I am being set up with an oncologist.I have one now but he is just for the lungs.She will be for all parts of the body.
I will feel better that they keep an eye on the rest of me ,before it spreads anywhere else.
Who knows maybe this pain that a lot of us lung cancer victims speak of,is bone cancer.My doctor tells me my lungs are not in my back.I tell him I have to put heat on my back for relief of the pain.I have pain in that area 4-8 hours daily.
But do I want to know if the cancer has spread?I am not sure.
On one hand I want to catch anything early and on the other hand ,I am afraid of all the emotions that I will go through again.
I do know I will decide when the time comes,and pray that I am right.
My scar from the operation,"lobe removal",is healing quite nicely.
I was reading the other day that they have a non-invasive surgery available has been for a while,but my doctor didn't want to use it in my particular case.If I could I would have chose the less invasive one.I do have a 12" scar,but I am alive!
I am planning on runnuing some information video on here in the near future.
Please read my other posts so you can get the gist of this blog.
Til next time




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