LUNG CANCER:Where do I go from Here?

Hello! I have mentioned that I am a newly diagnosed "lung cancer" person.I am also a confused lung cancer person.

I had a lobectomy on Feb.28th,was released from hospital on Mar.3rd.That is the wonderful news.
The problem now is "Where do I go from here?"
I am doing research all the time on this disease,I am reading other blogs that discuss this,the thing is, I do not know what the next step to take will be for me???
I would like to ask those of you who are reading this ,and have "lung cancer" or know someone that has,to please send me your story.
I am new at this blog,but most of all I am new to this whole new situation of survival ahead of me.

Please come back and visit again as I will always have some more news for you.

Thank You for coming by;



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