WELCOME:The days sure seem to be going too fast for me now.I feel like I have to try to live 30 years in 2.
I am starting to slow down in some things.I am finding that I am thinking more about the reality of all this.
I guess I have gone through the denial stage.I have been angry at times,but now I feel a few tears now and again.

I do not work so I do not have a lot of people around me to really talk to.I find that coming on here is a wonderful outlet for a lot of my feelings.

The tears I have cried,have not been for me.I think of the sadness it will bring to my children.
I guess as mothers we always feel that" we" keep the family together.I do know that I have provided them with the best I could to be prepared to deal with this.

I dont cry a lot ,in fact I havent cried for years.I wont get down and feel that way for long.
Time is of the essence now and I hope to spend it Happy!


Thank You for coming by....


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