Recalling the Day of my Lung Cancer Operation

I am now recalling the day of my lung operation.
I know I was just not ready to say good-bye.
I was 6:00A.M,and it being February ,a very cold,blustery winter day.I arrived to the hospital pre admission clinic.There was hardly anyone around at that time in the morning.I felt so alone.
My husband was with me but I didn't have my mom or my children near.I just knew I could not go out this way.I ,of course,like most people,did not have a plan to die.I guess now,I figure,I would at least choose to have family around.I want someone or everyone to know that I am at peace when I pass.It would have been too much of a shock to my family if I died from the "lobectomy".That was february28th.This is now.This is reflection.
Now ,I will have to think about death again.Now,this time I will hope to plan a little better.
I have been reading a lot on the lung cancer issue on here.I do know that I will get bad,and then I will get worse.I also know that time is short,and that no time can be alloted to worrying about it.
This time I will arrange for the ones I love to know about my disease and to educate them on the prognosis.I will have arranged a hospital or care facility to look after me.I will not be alone next time.
To all of you that are reading this blog and commenting,Thank You!
There is still a little hope after a diagnosis of "Lung Cancer",and I am living proof!
The operation saved my life.I was very blessed to have the cancer diagnosed at an early stage.I think they may have got it.I pray that I will remain free of it spreading for a while to come.
Til next time.


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