Good Afternoon;
Have you ever sat and wondered ,What you were here for?
Do you ever think that there is a different plan for you,perhaps another path to travel,than the one your on?
I have sure been changing a lot of my thoughts lately.I definitely BELIEVE,that there is a great plan for us,already drawn out.How else can I explain all the great escapes I have made in the last 10 years.
Every time I have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness,I have survived!I was given 3 months to live in 2002,and was told I needed a liver transplant.I continued to drink for a few more months than,just woke up one morning and never drank again.My liver managed to maintain itself and the bad numbers came down.One of my first escapes.
In January 1996,I had a mammogram that showed a tumor in my breast.I went through the denial for a few months,then I went into the hospital,totally expecting,and was actually prepared for,a breast biopsy,which at that point might have been a mastectomy.I got blessed again,as the Dr. on that day,thought she would have another look at the xray.She decided that it was only 6 cysts and aspirated them.I escaped again.
May 30th,2005.I have a car accident.The car was totalled.I walked away,just suffering whiplash and a bruise or two.Another blessing,miracle,or all part of the PLAN?
This brings up to now.
February 1st; 2006;Diagnosis:Emphysema and Lung Cancer.
Question: Can I escape from this????
Maybe I can and maybe I can't.I really do believe there is a Plan for us,and when it is your time,There is NO ESCAPE.
Do we call these miracles,blessings ,or just a whisper before the scream?I do believe that someone has plans for my life,but darned if I can figure out what they are.Then again,If it IS already plotted out,doI just sit here and wait.?I know I can not sit still for more than five minutes so I really do not plan to wait around.I plan to take that first step,and know that I am definitely not alone and that I do have the strength and the courage to ESCAPE again.I also plan on having a good time looking for the right road to travel,and with the luck I have had lately,I will surely enjoy the trip.
Now with my positive attitude back again ,I bid you adieu for now.

I really must say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have left your comments.Each and every word from each and everyone of you,help make my days so much brighter..




I hope you are doing well. I found your blog while surfing through BE.
Anonymous said…
You write so well and I love your positive mind....which is the best remedy of all!.....s.p.
LSNY said…
I hope you are doing better. God Bless and receive His healing..wishing you life's best.

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