.The sun is shining ever so brightly,and I feel Good!
I have been writing this journal since April and have come to realise that a lot of my new readers are not familiar with the gist of this blog.I have archived all my posts,but to me they are not in the order I would like.I would really like to start from the beginning on this,if you can bear with me;
In June of 2002 I was diagnosed with "cirrhosis" of the liver.I was told I had three months to live.I stopped drinking ,on my own ,and my livers enzymes have almost returned to normal.I was a mess back then.I had gotten down to 89 pounds and was very weak and sick,I was dying.
I was,and still am on the recovery for that.Now I have a lot more on my plate.
Last year I had an EKG and it showed I had had a heart attack.I went to a doctor and he said that the EKG could have shown a disorder of the lungs.I had a chest x-ray and a Pulmonary Function Test.I received a call in late Oct.05,that I definitely had pneumonia,but there was another spot on my lung that they wanted to investigate further.On January 26th a CT scan revealed a tumor on the right lung.I saw a surgeon on February15th and my "lobectomy" on my lung was performed on February28th.I made the operation,and I am still alive today ,22 months later.
Now,I hope that you are up to date.
My idea,on this blog ,in the beginning ,was that it helped me get through a lot by being able to "Talk" on here.I have now realised another purpose,and that is to maybe help someone who is going through this to understand the HUMAN side of this dreaded Cancer.
I have had all the steps to climb.I have had the anger,the sorrow,the Why Me?,all of those emotions.I also have another emotion,and that my friends is HOPE.
I still have my fears of my liver failing,I dread that my cancer will spread even further,even quicker,but there is something inside me that keeps me going.I am sure there is some reason that I am still here,and I want to keep searching just to see what it is.
Please read my previous posts as it will be easier to understand,then if you are just reading a page or two.
Thank You all for listening,and remember......


The TechnoBabe said…
That is an amazing story, and for you I know it is not a story, it is what you deal with each day. I applaud your will to survive, and I thank you for telling it like it really is. I wish you the very best life can offer you and I know you will honor each day you receive.
Trent said…
My grandfather and my uncle died of liver cirrhosis (and another uncle has it), so I can empathize with that. It hurt a lot to watch people I love drink themselves to death.

I am not familiar with lung cancer, but I probably should be; my father has smoked for fifty years.

Interesting blog, and best wishes.
Believe said…
To:TECHNOBABE;Thank You.Your wishes are with me and I will try my best To live every day with honor.
Believe said…
TRENT;I am so sorry about your father.I hurt a lot of people as well,but I have been fortunate enough to have had the time to atone.Thank You for your best wishes and comments.

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