After my last post,I feel I should start again from the beginning,to get to where I am now.I hope that makes sense,if not let me explain.

All of my troubles and woes began upon receiving a Diagnosis of "Lung Cancer".That fateful day was February15th,this year.
I must suggest you read my previous posts,starting from"Welcome" ,to understand where I am going from here.

I would like to start anew in my life as well as on my blog.I have decided to write about the new events that are beginning,because of that diagnosis.

It hasn't changed me in negative ways at all,just more positive.

My cancer is non-small cell stage 1.I know some of you have been asking.My prognosis is a day to day situation.

Before I go on,and on,and on,I must again Thank You all for your comments and your blessings.This is what This BLOG is all about!

I also welcome you who are new and have possibly had or know someone who has had Lung Cancer,and feel that there is No hope.I think if you read on,you will find possitive proof that there is hope!

I am now at the stage of feeling good enough to start looking at all my possibilities.
I need to work,but wont be able to get a regular job at this point.I am looking around the internet and trying to find something that might interest,my interest.

Like I have said before,Theses last five years on "death Row" have set me back a bit.I am now five years older at 55.Sounds old,but I sure do not feel it.

I shall go for now and tell you how much I look forward to hearing from you all.



CyberCelt said…
My son's grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1988. He died in 1999 and it was not from lung cancer.

Think positive, do what your doctor says, stay informed and you will do fine.

Praying for your full recovery.
Green Earth said…
A friend of mine was given three months to live and is now looking healty six years later. I wish you well.

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