Does Knowing Make It Better

This image shows the lungs.In my case I had the right top lobe removed in a procedure called a"lobectomy".
Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma is the Diagnosis of my Lung Cancer,also known as BAC.
I have been doing a lot of research on this type of cancer.It is one of the rarest of lung cancers.It accounts for only 4 to 17% of the cancers in the lung.This is also a Non-Smoking cancer.Oh Yes,You get it if you smoke,but you also get it if you don"t.
I think therefore my point is;This is not neccessarily all of my fault!Yes,I smoked,but does that cause you to feel less sorry for me?
Most of the viewpoints,from what I have read,say that it is our fault.I tend to disagree.
Some smokers will also die of being struck down by a bus,does that mean they asked for it?
Fate has its way of dealing out our punishments,one way or another.
On a happier note,Fate also deals out rewards.
So,I am doing all this research on "BAC",the short term for the big word.I keep reading clinical reports,and the outlook sure is not good.I want to be educated so I can be able to make the right decisions,but all I am doing so far is scaring the hell out of myself.
I do not know if I really want to know when I am going to die.Would You?
Interesting question for debate?
So I ask you
Does Knowing,Make it Better???


OptyMyst said…
Pulmonary fibrosis was my diagnosis in May of this year. I began a blog called "Not *Quite* Dead Yet" to deposit information I find regarding management of pulmonary diseases that I find on the web.

In answer to your question about whether I would like to know when I will die, I suppose I have tried to accept that it will be some time within the next couple of years, or I could be lucky and make it up to ten years. I am planning on a couple of years. Or tomorrow.

Research on the web with regard to lung disease can be a a pretty dismal experience. Take breaks; it helps.
Believe said…
To:OPTYMYST.Thank You,great advice about taking a break from the facts!

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