Some good news.The doctor said that the artery supply to my one good kidney is okay.They will not have to do the invasive surgery now.I am so relieved.
I am actually back to original diagnosis,which had said that I could live on one kidney.
I am sure going to have to make some real life changes to stay on top of this one.
It sure is a little off my plate right now,and I am so grateful.
My husband hugged me when we got the news.I felt that when I was busy worried about me dying,I had forgotten about his feelings on my loss.
I also surely know that for sure God has a reason for keeping me well.
For those of you that have read my posts over the last five years know about all my close calls.Death has been at my doorstep many times.I have prayed and I have shared my stories with you and you have sent me well wishes.I believe all of that has helped with all of these terminal illnesses.
I will still see a vascular surgeon,but the need is not at an urgent stage.
I hope not to have any doctor appointments for awhile,and look forward to moving on.
We have had a lot of financial difficulty over this the last few years.
When I got the lung cancer diagnosis my husband left work to care for me.The money has since run out,so we both have to find work.It will be a slow go,as we are both in our sixties.I figure I could start with a few hours a week.I can still walk and talk and I am still breathing,so I am ready to give it a go.
I sure am not yet ready to lay down and die.
So everyone just a short post to keep you up to date.
so remember til next time




Anonymous said…

My mom has lung cancer. We found that these exercises (developed by a lung cancer nurse) help improve her breathing. Hope they help your readers.

Best wishes

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