My doctor appointment is January 31st.I will find out if I have reached "stage 2" in my "lung cancer'.I have just had and am having a new crisis..My husband has been discovered to have an aneurysm in his aorta.In laymen terms ,he can have a heart attack at any second,
We went to the hospital 4 days ago,they were ready to operate with open heart surgery.He was told that they would operate on January 2nd.
I have always been one to be possitive.I am now utterly in shock with this happening.
How much more can one handle.
My husband and I have been together for 41 years.He looks after me.Now What.
I am myself still recovering from my"lobectomy'8 months ago.We are still both in our fifties.This is one heck of a test or something.
My husband has always looked after me and all the responsibilities.I do not want to focus on me right now either so it is tough with me knowing that I will die soon,and even more frightening to not know when or if my husband is not far behind me.
I am so scared.
I am more afraid now,then when I was diagnosed with "lung cancer'.
My husband,if he survives,will have a six month recovery period.I do not drive and we live in the rural area.I do have 2 sons,but they do not have a car.I will need to be with him,so I might stay in a hostel til he can come home.
The dignosis of cancer is the most devastating,but losing someone you love sure comes close.
Thank You again for letting me share some of my problems,as well as my accomplishments with you.It feels good to talk.
Toward the Christmas and during the New Year I will probably not post for awhile. love hearing from you all'

Wishing You a very "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!




Hainan said…
A big hug for the 2 of you!

So young and facing the problems I face at 25 years older, yet that doesn't help you. Be there for the both of you as much as you can now you still can. Don't let the disease take over: you are both persons and you love to share each others company, so share it for the best.

Hi Bobby,

Just linked to you at http://www.metastaticlivercancer.org , would you mind linking back:
Title: Metastatic Liver Cancer
Category could be "Health", since that is not there, can also go under serious. Yet serious is a stereotype when it comes to cancer: it is not because cancer is serious, that the person having cancer don't want to be funny anymore. It is not because my liver looks like a raisin bread, that I don't eat raisinbread anymore...

Drop by and give me a big hug to squize the 'raisins' out my liver at:
Metastatic Liver Cancer

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