I received wonderful news on my breast "biopsy".There is NO malignancy!
I finally exhaled.It had been a worrisome time for me ,with the waiting for the diagnosis.
My friend from my doctors office informed me and with that I said ",Thank You,You have made my Life"
It seemed to me to not be so trivial this time with the mammagram and things. After all,they had Diagnosed Lung Cancer already and the area in my breast that had raised the concern,was within centimeters of where they had removed the right lobe of my lung.
The finding of that biopsy,has really made me want to smile,again!
Again,I have been very BLESSED!
I feel like ,if they were able to have cut my cancer clean,and it has not spread when I go on August26th,then you know What,
I might have another chance for another few months or years,hopefully.
How about you all say a little prayer for me,and maybe ,just maybe,It could happen.
By the way,I chose to have the biopsy on my breast,I knew it might hurt and I knew that the results might not be good ,but I made the right decision,
I would like to say,if you are faced with breast problems,please have a mammagram and follow up.It is not always ,in fact,bad news.
Got to love you and leave you for now,but just had to share my "GOOD NEWS" with you.





Kristina said…
congratulations! I will definitely pray for you. how are you feeling now?
Believe said…
Thank You so much!I am fine now,and enjoying everyday.

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